Stone as a Material for Craftwork: Types of Crafts, Practice With Children

Multicolored pebble stone is an accessible material for craftwork. Creative people might be interested of finding out what can be made from stones by themselves or with a child. The items offered for crafting do not require the application of stone-cutting equipment — only glue and paints are needed.

DIY Stone Crafts

Things made from rocks are used both indoors and outside buildings under the influence of weather conditions. The range of items that can be made of stone with one’s own hands depends on the technique used when working with stony material:

  1. Mosaic. It is created from sea or river pebbles with subsequent gluing of them on a fabric base. It is often used as a stand for hot dishes.
  2. Stone painting. It is convenient to draw on smooth surfaces, which are peculiar to gravel, pebbles, flagstones, and boulders. Any ornaments are applied, and final items serve as a gift or a talisman.
  3. Carving soft minerals. Talcum and chalkstones are easily processed: if you hold a nail on their surface, a trace remains. Figurines of people and animals are among carving crafts.

Necessary tools and accessories: stationery knife, glue, acrylic paints, brushes, fabric base.

Stone craft

Stone Craftwork for Children

In the summer, you can also practice with your child on a beach, having taken colorful wax crayons with you. Coloring rounded pebbles is an accessible way for children to create a stone craft with their own hands. Other options for working with stone include:

  • painting individual pebbles with gouache for them to look like a cactus, frog, or ladybug;
  • making little houses from the rubble of cubic or triangular shape;
  • stick gravel on carpeting in one layer — you will thus get a massage mat for your feet.

A complex method: to paste part of an image in stone on cardboard and to finish other fragments by drawing on the sheet.

Building a Rockery

It can be made from a large stone left on a lot after the planning. Imitation of a high-altitude terrain involves the following actions:

  1. A large block is used as a central fragment, and smaller boulders with cracks and uneven chips are selected to match it.
  2. The free space is filled with crushed stone and gravel.
  3. Simple perennials and mountain plants are planted on the newly created hill.

A multi-level terrace and a waterfall are also among the objects that can be made using boulders.