Granite and marble – which is better?

Both granite and marble are often used by people to create various objects and in interior decoration. But not everyone understands the difference between these two natural materials. Therefore, it is worth clarifying a couple of points.

What is marble?

Marble is a mountain metamorphic rock that appears due to the recrystallization of lime stones and dolomites. There is a lot of organic matter in the composition of this stone. It is responsible for the formation of its crystal structure and makes it very susceptible to various chemicals. Marble is easily cut and processed in a variety of ways, including polishing and grinding. It is characterized by frost resistance and durability, heat resistance and electrical insulation.

The familiar shine of marble is not its natural property. This effect is achieved by treating the material with special chemical reagents. They not only make it more beautiful, but also increase moisture resistance and strength. Granite and marble differ externally in their characteristic pattern. In the latter, you can notice the presence of sinewy patterns and gray streaks, as well as a huge spectrum of color of the base. Their color depends on the impurities and can be pink and yellow, gray and blue, greenish or black, etc.

Granite: basic properties

Granite is a natural stone of igneous origin. It is characterized by a complex composition, which includes a little quartz and mica, feldspar and plagioclase. The stone is characterized by a large weight and impressive strength indicators, but it is very easy to cut and process it.

Granite is characterized by frost resistance and reliability, moisture resistance and durability, rich color scheme and antifungal properties. And it should be noted that granite has a melting point of 700 degrees, i.e. it is absolutely not afraid of high temperatures. When choosing granite, you need to pay attention to the grain structure. The larger it is, the less durable the stone is.

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Application of materials

Granite is much stronger than marble, so it is more often used on the street. It is often used to make window sills and benches, stairs and fountains, columns, as well as bar counters and countertops. Marble is more often used inside the house, making fireplaces and stairs, various decorative elements, sculptures with statues, etc.

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