Concrete: Stylish and Brutal

For most people, far from the subtleties and innovations of design, concrete in the interior of residential premises evokes associations with rough finishing, a basement, or even a prison cell. But modern designers consider this material to be almost perfect for implementing the most unusual design styles of apartments, houses, photo studios, and other public spaces — high-tech, loft, etc. […]

Preparation of a tax return for the sale of stone products

All Canadian citizens and foreigners who have been in the country for more than 180 days and have income there are required to submit income statements and calculated taxes to the CRA after the end of the next year. Taxpayers must submit these documents to the CRA and pay off all tax debts no later than April 30. For reports, […]

Why Is Artificial Stone Better Than Natural?

Stone has been used to create unique and original variants of the house interior for a long time. This material is characterized by practicality and numerous advantages. But it should be kept in mind that stone comes in two varieties to be considered below. The basic variety, which was used from time immemorial, is natural stone. It has many advantages, […]

Stone Facing for a House

Natural stone has been used as a building material for a long time. Although the range of modern materials is quite wide, it continues to be successfully applied in construction. Thanks to its natural properties, it reliably protects a house’s foundation from mechanical destruction and negative environmental factors. The house, faced with natural stone, has a noble aristocratic exterior. However, […]

Decorative Bricks and Their Advantages

Interior wall finishing with decorative bricks or artificial stone is becoming more and more popular. Despite a recent character of this tendency, fans of decorating walls with stone have already gained their own followers. The main advantage of using this material lies in the fact that it has both lightness and strength and can be easily laid on smooth surfaces, […]

Onyx: A Natural Stone

Onyx is a natural stone widely used in modern construction. Everything that is made of onyx inevitably attracts one’s attention. And this is not surprising — this miraculous stone has been mentioned in written sources since ancient times. Many attributed magical features to it as well. Besides a healing power inherent in the stone, onyx served to drive away evil […]

Using Natural Stone for Facade Decoration: Pros and Cons

To transform a country house and make it more attractive and appealing, it is necessary to accomplish its high-quality finishing. To do this, one can take advantage of natural stone, becoming more and more widespread. The advantages of using natural stone are as follows Attractiveness. The natural stone used for finishing is characterized by a unique and original texture. So, […]

Artificial Stone: The Facts Worth Knowing

Artificial or decorative stone is a wonderful modern facing material that will allow you to buy new aesthetic “clothes” for your house for a little money and a short time. Mass production of artificial stone began several decades ago, but only modern technologies made it possible to create a full-fledged substitute of natural stone. Decorative artificial stone is as strong […]

Brown Ceramic Bricks: What Should One Know About Them?

In recent years, one can see more and more elegant and austere buildings lined with unusual brown ceramic bricks. It is used both for full facing of buildings and structures and for laying out patterns. Moreover, by combining brown bricks of different shades, one can implement the most original and complex architectural and design solutions and refine not only individually-designed […]

Quartz Agglomerate and Its Application

Quartz agglomerate is a composite material that is regularly applied for finishing during the renovation and construction of premises. It has a very diverse structure and color. This artificial material is 92-96% mineral; the rest is composite components. That’s why it is virtually the most abrasion-resistant mineral. It is solid, strong, and durable. Only diamond and corundum have a higher […]