Games and applications based on Match3

It has been a long time since the first mobile game was released, in which users had to put three stones in a row to make them disappear. However, such puzzles still remain popular among users. And on almost every iPad or iPhone, there is one of them, and they are very exciting. In addition, modern variations are very different from their prototype and they will show you many new and interesting game mechanics. You can start some applications for iPad free download with ease. They will help you have fun when the right mood comes to you or if you have to pass the time

Smiley Boom

It is an analogue of that classic game called Match3 game. However, there are stones that demonstrate different emotions, and when the user removes the collected row, he hears the merry sounds that children accompany their games. As a rule, these are the sounds of blows and jocular noise. All this looks very cute and can cause a smile even for those harsh users who were in a bad mood before the launch of this game.

There is such a tradition for games like Match3, and such a program offers users support tools that will help them destroy stones in difficult situations. Gamers can blow up stones with dynamite, smash one rock with a hammer, or use the «Exchange» feature to replace the other two ones. This is a useful and exciting application that will help you have fun.

Farm Heroes Saga

This is a game in which you will use vegetables and fruits instead of stones. You must combine in one row such fruits as apples, strawberries, carrots, cabbage and onions. Today, it is one of the most colourful mobile games. You can install this on your iPhone or iPad just once, and we are sure you won’t even want to delete it after using it.

Farm Heroes Saga offers gamers intense gameplay. Gamers will have to act very quickly, including cleaning them. Also, you will find some unusual tools that are very different from traditional hammers and lightning and help gamers in the process of playing. So you get a lot of joy out of this game.


This Disney cartoon earned the love of millions of children and adults around the world. We have no doubt that it has found its way into mobile programs too. Among them is a game called Match3 game, where you can again meet your favourite characters.

Anna, Elsa and the cheerful snowman Olaf accompany the game levels, giving new skills and various bonuses. But instead of stones here you need to fight with ice crystals. It is worth noting that the complexity increases rapidly when passing levels. This is why this game, though light in appearance, will force you to strain your brain, to make quick decisions in an environment where there are fewer and fewer convenient ways to take a step forward.

Jewel Blast

It is a game that will help gamers become a cracker who must break into various casinos, banks and jewellery stores to steal gems from them. Gamers will certainly like unusual levels, bosses, new tools and interesting tasks. In addition to the traditional destruction of rows, you will also need to collect keys that will help you to get into the right building and unlock safes.

This interesting game is unique because it even has a plot that makes it simply charming. That is why you will be much more interested in playing this game than those ones, which have no plot. Also, going through each new level will bring you a lot of joy. We are also sure that you will not regret the hours you spend in this game.

If you install one of these games with a simple mechanic to destroy the stacked stones, you will surely spend many hours with use and laughter. According to user experience, even with more serious games on iPads and iPhones, users still play Match3 because these puzzles have a simple but very exciting gameplay.