Description of the software for artificial stone countertops manufacturing

Today, there are many programs for the computer, while we are unlikely to find an area of human activity for which software developers would not create a special tool. In some cases, such PC programs are particularly important. The fact is that even business operates through them, as well as production factories. So there are programmers who work with the managing document-oriented control system called MongoDB. They know that Robo 3T download can be quite useful because it helps users visualise primary data so that they can easily interact with the MongoDB semantic core.

In this article, we invite you to see an example of a highly specialised program such as Akrilika, which claims to be an indispensable program for the manufacture and sale of countertops of engineered stone. You should start programs PC download, so you can create your business to implement similar stone products.

Advantages of the Akrilika software

  1. Calculator for calculating the cost of stone products. The Akrilika program can instantly calculate the final price of the countertop, which is made of acrylic stone. This program shows all data about the calculations on the screen, as well as the area of the table top. These are important characteristics if it has unusual dimensions and shape. Both sellers and buyers can obtain such calculations in a simple and visual way that they understand all the factors for which they pay money.
  2. Three-dimensional visualisation. This program is suitable for designing countertops for residential or commercial type premises. Such products look great at home in the kitchen, in hotels, and in modern business centres. This program will offer you decorative elements that will help you improve the visual perception of your project, and it will help you to create the right background and choose the colour of the walls, furniture items and even the shape of the faucets or mirrors for the bathroom.

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  3. Components for financial customization. Akrilika contains functionality for implementing changes in the sector with financial settings. Thanks to this option, you can change the processing price of the selected shade or the overall ratio of the worktop.
  4. Drawing. One of the main functions of the program will help you in the process of creating the most detailed drawing of countertops that you will need in its production. You will be able to save the prepared drawing in PDF format so that the customer can receive it via email or look at a printed copy at a personal meeting.
  5. Cost. Akrilika releasing is completely free and this is one of the reasons why users prefer it. For this reason you do not have to pay money for its download or use. Besides, this app does not have any unique paid features or advertising. That’s why you will enjoy using this application.
  6. Versatility of usage. This program is optimal to use by regular users who will want to explore a variety of options in appearance and price before ordering the necessary countertop. At the same time, the use of Akrilika will be very useful for designers who develop and present the project, as well as for manufacturers, because then, they will be able to calculate the cost of the product.
  7. A wide range of shades. Akrilika helps users choose from 150 different shades of engineered stone.

In addition, any direction in the business has specialised software. However, it is paid for, unlike Akrilika, but it is for successful business and implementation of users’ plans.