The WeCom Business Messenger: Communication With Natural Stone Buyers

WeCom is a messenger for Android smartphones, created specifically for entrepreneurs. It helps them to facilitate their work processes and establish comfortable communication with customers. The utility was developed by the same company that gave us WeChat — the most popular messenger in China. Therefore, these programs have a lot in common both in terms of functionality and interface.

Teamwork Organization

Before installing WeCom, one should understand the purposes for which this application would be useful:

  1. You can form a team for communication by adding all employees there by their phone number. Each of them, of course, has to install WeCom to be able to join and communicate in a group. The maximum number of members is 300 users.
  2. The messenger features various useful functions. Thus, one can plan a meeting or other event as well as notify all the participants about any changes or circumstances related to them.
  3. Since remote communication has become more relevant than ever given the COVID-19 restrictions, one should know that WeCom supports audio and video conferencing.
  4. It is also convenient to transfer files through it and create cloud storage so that employees can download the necessary documents from there. This makes it possible to always have up-to-date versions of important files at hand.

Communication With Customers

Once customers take advantage of app downloads for Android, it becomes very easy to establish feedback with them through the WeCom messenger. Using this communication channel, it is possible to notify customers about important events and promotions as well as collect feedback on the quality of products and the service level.

In WeCom, one can even easily form various groups, differentiating the audience by certain criteria. To do this, it will be enough just to know their phone numbers. Communication is carried out exclusively via WeCom. So there is no need to download and use any third-party software.

WeCom download

WeCom’s Features

To download free Android applications, it is enough just to select the appropriate online catalog of up-to-date and useful utilities. WeCom will certainly be among them because:

  • the application was created by a famous team of Chinese developers;
  • the utility ensures comfortable teamwork;
  • business owners and seniors use it to facilitate workflow management and have a convenient free platform for organizing conferences;
  • it will not be difficult to organize a convenient customer communication channel through WeCom.