How items impact humans: from organic stones to smartphones

Natural minerals and natural stones have been formed in various geological conditions. Among them are representatives such as:

  • representatives of molten magma;
  • those that originated in the aquatic environment;
  • those that have formed in the thickness of the Earth throughout its history.

Over time, all these natural stones have absorbed into themselves a powerful energy that can be used for the benefit of man.

General information

There is such a science of astromineralogy. It studies the interaction of natural stones and man. It has been shown that when natural stone is applied to the human body, changes in the frequency and vibrations of the organism occur. At the same time, it can affect a person’s physical and mental health.

There is an opinion that natural stones can cope with many adverse effects. Since every mineral has a unique energy structure, it constantly interacts with the outside world and people through energy vibrations. Thus, several fields in which there is the use of mineral stones have been identified. We have selected the most favorable stones for each of them:

  1. To improve health, raise vitality, develop physical strength, stamina, and flexibility, and restore and improve the body. Among them are such favorable stones as serpentine, garnet, jade, green jasper, and tourmaline.
  2. To gain financial prosperity and increase earnings and prosperity, stones are suitable too. Among them are such stones as carnelian, onyx, tiger eye, labradorite, and chrysoprase.
  3. For success, self-confidence, inspiration, and influence. Among them are such favorable stones as agate, moonstone, obsidian, citrine, garnet, and crystal.
  4. For good luck, creating favorable situations and a good environment, and making positive deals. Experts recommend wearing such mineral stones as turquoise, coral, citrine, lazuli, and onyx.
  5. For beauty, attractiveness, accentuation of value, and the improvement of oratory skills, there are such stones as pearl opal, pearls, chrysolite, jasper, aventurine, and shungite.
  6. For protection against evil eyes and against energy vampires, there are such stones as cat’s eye, bulls-eye, hawkeye, rhodonite, gagat, hematite, lava stone, and tourmaline.
  7. To promote your career, self-development and self-realization, self-discovery, and aspiration to new and reveal talents, you should pay attention to such stones as amethyst, aquamarine, sardonyx, jasper, quartz, and zoisite.
Natural minerals

Today, experts make a lot of different jewelry from natural stones. All these decorations are made by hand from natural stones. So they always look beautiful and possess powerful energy, which they are ready to share with their owner!

Modern technology and its destructivity

According to scientists, organic items benefit humans, but just as modern devices harm us, this applies to any technique that produces an electromagnetic field. Android smartphones are a particular danger to us, and 86% of Android smartphones are out of the total number of all phones worldwide.

The fact is that developers are actively creating more valuable and unique Android apps. This is why modern man begins to spend more time using these gadgets. According to the latest data, the time a user spends using a smartphone is several hours a day in different modern countries. You can also look at the statistics by gender and age. In this case, you will see that this indicator among boys and girls sometimes reaches 8 hours or more for the youngest users!

So smartphones not only spoil posture and vision, and their work also have an extremely negative impact on the internal systems of the body, as well as on the functioning of the brain. This is why it is essential for modern people to be out in the countryside more often and come into contact with organic materials such as stones and wood.