Why Is Artificial Stone Better Than Natural?

Stone has been used to create unique and original variants of the house interior for a long time. This material is characterized by practicality and numerous advantages.

But it should be kept in mind that stone comes in two varieties to be considered below.

The basic variety, which was used from time immemorial, is natural stone. It has many advantages, the main one being its natural origin.

Because of this feature, natural stone is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials. At the same time, it is not devoid of many practical qualities.

Artificial Stone

The most serious advantage of natural stone should be considered its strength. Granite or marble can withstand very significant loads without spoiling at all.

Among the strengths of this material, its moisture resistance should also be noted. This quality makes it possible to use natural stone even in the bathroom or kitchen renovation.

But there is also artificial stone. Its strength is no less great than of natural. The moisture resistance of this material can also be called very significant. But artificial stone has peculiar advantages that distinguish it from natural stone.

Among the most serious advantages of this material should be called its relative cheapness. The purchase of artificial stone will cost about 40% cheaper than of natural.

Besides, the weight of this material is not so heavy, which makes it possible to accomplish its laying faster and easier.

The pros of artificial stone are also related to its highest hygienic character. Natural stone can suffer from cracks filled with dirt. The artificial one is devoid of such a negative feature.