Marble: An Alternative or a Pleasant Addition?

As in the case of natural granite, marble has been known to mankind for a long time. Marble was used in construction not only in ancient times but also much earlier. There is no need to dwell on the unique properties and beauty of marble, as they are well known. It is worth only briefly mentioning the use of marble in modern construction and finishing works.

Thanks to the application of natural marble, designers got the possibility of implementing unique decorative solutions. Natural and vivid colors of marble and products made from it gleam with light waves, creating a quaint variety of shadows on a marble surface.

But, besides purely aesthetic advantages, marble has no less practical ones. Marble, along with the products made from it, is resistant to sunlight, high and low temperatures, water, and aggressive chemicals. With all its resistance to mechanical loads, marble is quite a soft stone, which greatly simplifies and facilitates its processing. At the same time, the considerable strength makes marble suitable for application in residential or public buildings of any style.