How can I improve the reputation of my business?

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Why is it important to improve your reputation?

Distorting a company’s image reduces sales. If you have convincing negative feedback about you, and it comes out in the top queries of search engines, you have a certain share of customers you lose. Remember: no consumer confidence – no sales.

What kinds of reputations are there?

Reputation is not just about a company’s relationship with its customers. It represents the overall assessment of the brand by society, which means customers, partners, and staff. It is customary to distinguish three types of reputation:

  1. Business – every company has partnerships with other companies or banks, for example. Contacts with them are based not only on contracts but also on trust. If the first organization regularly breaks the payment terms or, at the last minute, changes the terms of cooperation, it will refuse to work with it, which greatly affects the business’s reputation.
  2. Market – when they talk about market reputation, they usually mean that users leave negative comments. They can write about an individual product or a brand in general.
  3. Corporate – this is the reputation that is formed by the relationship with the staff. If a company has a high turnover of personnel, constantly changes key employees, and periodically raises controversial situations, its reputation in this sense will be low.

How can you improve your reputation?

Here are some suggestions on how you can improve your reputation:

  1. The easiest and best-known way is to search for brand mentions using search engines. That way, you can understand what your customers want and adjust to their standards.
  2. Analyze information and build a strategy – To build a working strategy to manage and improve your reputation, you need to analyze brand references and compile expert responses to them. In addition, you need to develop a plan to create and publish new publications, articles, and reviews that will help improve your brand image. Along with work on the creation of content, it is necessary to choose the list of platforms on which these publications will be placed. On some resources, you can publish information for free. The more popular and frequented sources charge for publications, so you need to contact the administrators and clarify the conditions, cost, and format of the article.
  3. Focus attention on maintaining social networks – pages and groups in social networks rank well. Regular maintenance and communication with your audience will not only help improve your reputation but also increase sales.
  4. Combat negativity – If people have posted a negative review about you on some site that really undermines your reputation, you can try to contact the moderation of that resource. What do you need to do? You need to provide proof of the legality and quality of your products and services at this stage. If you are indeed right, they will probably make concessions to you and help you remove that negative review.

These are just some of the ways you can improve the reputation of your business.