Decorative Bricks and Their Advantages

Interior wall finishing with decorative bricks or artificial stone is becoming more and more popular. Despite a recent character of this tendency, fans of decorating walls with stone have already gained their own followers.

The main advantage of using this material lies in the fact that it has both lightness and strength and can be easily laid on smooth surfaces, even on such as foam concrete and drywall. Laying decorative bricks does not require any additional preparations and skills.

Before starting the work, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the wall surface from various contaminants, dust, or old coating. For the brick to be securely attached, the surface of the walls must be thoroughly primed. To fix the brickwork itself, a special solution or glue for foam rubber is used.

The main requirements for laying are even rows and brick bonding. To prevent bricks from sliding, stable spacers are installed between the elements.

They are prepared in advance to ensure that the width of each spacer is less than one centimeter. If the spacers are wider, then the appearance of a brick-decorated wall loses its particular attractiveness and may threaten with the sliding of the laid material during the work.

Interior wall decoration with bricks will provide a room with a majestic and extravagant look, especially since it is suitable for premises of any kind.