mining and metallurgical institute

“Yuzhuralzoloto” intends to cooperate with the tajik mining and metallurgical institute

The Mining-Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan is a top-notch place for studying all things mining and metals, with excellent programs like Geology, Mineral Exploration, Surveying, all kinds of Mining, Mineral Processing, Metallurgy (especially for the shiny and rare stuff!), Environmental Engineering, plus Oil and Gas Development, Mechanical Engineering Tech, Power Stuff, Transport Management, and even Economics and Management. It’s got everything covered.

Students and Faculty

The institute is home to around 3,000 students who are lucky enough to have learned from over 160 faculty members. This includes an impressive lineup of 5 doctors and professors, plus 36 associate professors, with four being big names in industry and international scientific circles. The institute has its academic programs neatly split into three main areas—Mining, Energomechanics, and Metallurgy—and goes even further with fifteen specialized departments like Ecology, Oil and Gas Business, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Equipment, Economics and Management, and Mechanics.

South Ural Gold Mining Company Strikes Strategic Partnership

The South Ural Gold Mining Company, a big deal in Russia’s gold mining scene, has just teamed up with the institute in an exciting development. This partnership is more than just business; it’s a strategic move to bring in new talent, offering graduates many vital roles in the mining operation. These positions range from geologists, who’ll be out there finding and evaluating mineral deposits, to mining engineers working on the planning, designing, and running operations. Then there are drillers, crucial for getting those minerals out; processors who refine what’s mined; mechanical engineers keeping the machines running smoothly; and electricians, making sure the lights stay on and everything else electrical works like a charm.


As the Russian Consulate General in Khujand clarified, this partnership is about more than teaming up. The company is excited to bring on board up to 200 grads from the institute this year alone. This step is a big shout-out to the company’s growth and expansion dreams, and it shows their dedication to investing in the next wave of mining pros. Plus, it’s a solid move to boost the local economy and build a tighter connection between the industry and academia.

The South Ural Gold Mining Company President Konstantin Strukov personally visited the institute to finalize this employment agreement. The diplomatic representation highlighted that these specialists will receive competitive salaries and comprehensive social benefits. Moreover, the company is committed to offering students internship opportunities, including paid work and reimbursement for their travel and accommodation expenses in Russia.

South Ural Gold Mining Company: A Leader in Russia’s Gold Production

The South Ural Gold Mining Company, esteemed as a premier gold producer within the Russian Federation, boasts expansive operations across several key areas. These include the industrially rich Chelyabinsk region, the culturally significant Republic of Khakassia, and the vast expanses of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This geographical diversity not only underscores the company’s important role in Russia’s gold production landscape but also highlights its capability to manage and operate in various challenging environments, further cementing its status as a leader in the industry.