Marble: An Alternative or a Pleasant Addition?

As in the case of natural granite, marble has been known to mankind for a long time. Marble was used in construction not only in ancient times but also much earlier. There is no need to dwell on the unique properties and beauty of marble, as they are well known. It is worth only briefly mentioning the use of marble […]

Flexible Stone: Its Properties, Pros, and Cons

Flexible stone is a new material in interior decoration that instantly won the hearts of designers. With its very high-performance characteristics, this type of finishing material provides amazing opportunities. Flexible stone is a thin layer of sandstone transferred to a textile base and bonded with a special binder polymer solution. It has excellent performance characteristics: it is flexible, easily rolls […]

Methods of Stone Processing: Professional and at Home

The peculiarity of the stone consists in the possibility of its application either in its natural form or as a product obtained as a result of mechanical processing. The ways of changing the shape and texture depend on the properties of the rock. Professional Stone Processing How to process stone is well known in construction — to crush it. The methods […]

Faux Rocks: The Order of Laying and Crafts Made of Decorative Stones

Synthetic diamonds, ceramic tiles, concrete blocks are among stone objects of non-natural origin. Construction, decoration of buildings, landscaping are what can be accomplished with the help of artificial stone instead of using natural rocks. The Advantages of Faux Rocks The basis for the production of non-natural stone varieties is constituted by building materials: gypsum, sand, gravel, clay, cement, acrylic, as well as coloring additives. […]

The Use of Rocks: What Can Be Made From Natural Stone

To check what can be made from natural stone in industrial volumes, one should identify the category of minerals to which the rock is assigned. As for its use on a lot, you need to see what crafts made of natural stone will help improve the comfort and living conditions of a family. The Areas of Stone Resources’ Application Non-metallic rocks are divided into three […]

Granite and marble – which is better?

Both granite and marble are often used by people to create various objects and in interior decoration. But not everyone understands the difference between these two natural materials. Therefore, it is worth clarifying a couple of points. What is marble? Marble is a mountain metamorphic rock that appears due to the recrystallization of lime stones and dolomites. There is a […]

Stone as a Material for Craftwork: Types of Crafts, Practice With Children

Multicolored pebble stone is an accessible material for craftwork. Creative people might be interested of finding out what can be made from stones by themselves or with a child. The items offered for crafting do not require the application of stone-cutting equipment — only glue and paints are needed. DIY Stone Crafts Things made from rocks are used both indoors […]